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Embracing the New Normal: How to Stay Productive While Working at Home

Unprecedented. Unheard of. Bizarre. Disorienting. These are probably some of the words and phrases you’ve been seeing on your news feed recently. Everyone is talking about how strange a time it is, to be isolated in our homes and removed from the daily flow of life. 

Truthfully, it is all of those things. But just because we’re in our homes, that doesn’t mean that all of our needs go away. We still need to provide income, we still need to socialize (even if it is solely on the internet), and we definitely still need to take care of ourselves mentally and physically. 

Today, we want to give you a quick guide on how to stay productive when you have been thrown off the daily rhythm of your life. 

Keep your morning routine the same

You did it before quarantine, so why change it now? Going through your typical morning routine will help you retain the same focus and energy as a normal work day. 

The best way to make this happen is to keep your sleep schedule the same. If you woke up early every week day before, then keep doing it now. While sleeping in all the time is tempting, it can make you sluggish and stifle your ability to be productive (and healthy, for that matter). And, yes, this means you might want to go to bed at a reasonable hour as well. 

Beyond sleep, you want to keep your morning routine similar in the way you approach work, too. Are you a salesman who usually contacts clients in the morning? Then keep that habit the same. Whatever your routine is, the morning is where it starts: if you want to stay productive throughout the day, then it starts at the beginning.

Connect with People

This might sound counter-productive, but it is far from it. You need to reach out and talk to people to keep you sane during quarantine. If you bury yourself in work and cut off any social contact, you will burn out quickly.

Since traditional forms of community have been temporarily suspended, the best way to do this is through online platforms. Whether you are selling something or simply in need of conversation, social media is essentially the only place to gather right now. 

Here at Soundboard, we understand the need to be heard online. If you run a business that is struggling to grow online (especially in a time of over-saturation), Soundboard can help you grow and get noticed more. We provide you with content that creates conversation wherever you are on social media. 

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Stay Active 

Now is more important than ever to stay physically active. Even if you did not exercise much before being quarantined, it is crucial that you maintain some level of activity now. 

Since you’re sitting at home all day, you’re obviously not moving around as much. That’s why setting aside time for exercise is so important. Plan a walk around the neighborhood (as long as you can keep social distancing), or work out right at your home. 

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Consider Your Mental Health 

Forced isolation not only affects your work schedule and physical fitness, it can also take a toll on your mental wellbeing. Constantly consuming news and refreshing your social feeds does keep you informed, at the cost of potentially becoming overwhelmed and anxious. 

We think it’s best to use social media as a place to forge genuine conversations, but there is a fine line between making social media a community and obsessing over every new post.

We don’t claim to have all the answers when it comes to mental health, but Soundboard does curate articles focused on wellness and mental health, written by trusted health professionals like Mayo Clinic.

These are just a few steps that can help you stay on track while working from home. They won’t make life normal again, but they can help you adjust to the “new normal.” 

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