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Conversation Trends

Instantly uncover, understand and visualize important conversations around industry, topics and your competitors. Misinformation can make it almost impossible to see the full picture. Soundboard enables you to find actionable intelligence, patterns, content and connections for any topic, no matter the volume of results.
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Conversation Trends arms you with information about shifts in consumer and industry conversations, so that your business can better connect with people.

Eliminate hours of manual research
Analyze media, industry & competitor data in seconds
Instantly uncover patterns for any topic
Understand the context of conversations your customers and prospects care about.

Individualized Intel

Smart Social Media

Soundboard Extension analyzes online profiles and delivers relevant articles and suggested messages based on that individual's interests and likes. All without ever leaving the page. Plus it's easy to share everywhere.

Use it to strengthen your business, engage prospects and customers, and show friends you care.

Never Make A Cold Call

Start more conversations, get more deals
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