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Staying Connected During Covid-19

To our users:

With an onslaught of news and information on COVID-19, it can be challenging to know where to turn for reliable, up-to-the-minute information. To that end, in an effort to keep you connected and informed, we’ve added a COVID-19 category to Soundboard. There you will find information from the world’s most dependable sources such as The Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins, the CDC, Google, and more.

We know how difficult it is to run a business during this time. Should you post to social media? More importantly what should you share on social media. Business is not about B2B or B2C anymore. It’s got to be about P2P – Person 2 Person.

You don’t have to throw out your business goals, but now is the time to a change your strategy and become a leader in your community and on social media.

Right now, no matter your strategy, your goal should always be responsible communication and offering reassurance. It’s never been more important to talk to people about the things that are meaningful to them. If you are struggling with what to share and what to say, Soundboard is always here for you.

Although we are all practicing social distancing, we have never felt more connected to our community. We are so incredibly grateful for your support, your passion, and the inspiration that you fuel us with every single day. We know we can get through this, together.

Stay safe,

LeAnne and the Soundboard Team

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