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The Rebound Playbook for SDRs: How to Warm up Cold Leads on LinkedIn

SDRs and Sales reps: How do you actually break through and stand out among the tens, if not thousands, of cold messages that are clogging up your prospect’s inbox?

SDRs and sales reps face two big challenges when prospecting on LinkedIn: 

  • SDRs or Sales Reps must be credible – 77% of buyers don’t believe sales reps understand their business and can help them. 
  • They’re losing touch with prospects. Many sales reps struggle to maintain meaningful connections with prospects. In fact, close to 25% of forecasted deals go dark. 

Never make another cold call. 

  • Soundboard Smart Mode gives you targeted intel + qualified content + smart things to say that connects and establishes credibility.
  • Bring value to the table quickly: Soundboard does the research for you. You understand more about the individual you’re contacting. And can share an article that communicates that understanding and makes your message stand out.
  •  Soundboard finds the commonalities between the prospect you’re about to approach and yourself. 

Try the Soundboard Extension for Google Chrome™️ and Microsoft Edge™️ here.

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