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The Soundboard Difference

Maybe you’re on the fence about Soundboard. You’re asking yourself: can this really make an impact on my online presence?


Fair question.

Well, let’s look at the facts! We chose a few business professionals from various companies who use Soundboard and tracked their LinkedIn engagement after just two weeks of posting our content. Here are the results:

Account Executive

  • Soundboard content averaged 262 views per post, versus only 31 views from the user’s posts about her business
  • Since she began posting our content, the user has 177 profile views, most of which were from potential leads in her industry.
  • In the span of two weeks, the user connected to 22 new LinkedIn members, almost all of which are potential leads.

VP of Sales

  • 11 people connected to him after only one week of posting from Soundboard
  • He generated 113 profile visits in two weeks
  • Views on his LinkedIn posts are up 71%

Sales Rep

  • Profile views up to 140+ after posting content to his profile and in industry-related groups
  • He accepted 8 new connections in the first week alone.
  • His profile appeared in 44 searches in one week.

In just two weeks, these professionals saw the direct impact that sharing Soundboard’s content had on their online presence. These meaningful connections they made can easily go on to be converted into paying customers.

How much more will they continue grow if they continued to post for months? A year?

The key to Soundboard is our focus on intelligent, atomic content. We provide you with the intel on the market through features like our browser extension and our AI-driven Conversation Trends.

Then after giving you the data on your industry (and even individual leads), we give you content that fits the niche your trying to reach online.

Experience the Soundboard difference for yourself by signing up for a free trial today!

It’s been proven true for thousands of users. Join today and start seeing the impact you can have on social media with Soundboard.

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