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Exempt from Lockdown

Are we in lockdown? How long will this last? It depends. In the offline physical world, most people are still facing some version of stay-at-home orders. Politicians are arguing full force on both sides of the issue. Polarization is greater than ever. I believe we can balance turning the economy back on while still maintaining practices to keep us all safe. But it doesn’t really matter what I think.

Luckily, the one place I know I won’t be in lockdown is online. The world wide web is wide open.  There is more traffic than ever online because of the various levels of lockdown across our world.   

I know that I have had more authentic online conversations than ever before (and I am in the conversation business).  Through these virtual conversations:

  • I have met new friends from around the world  
  • More business opportunities have been created 
  • My team has transformed our marketing strategies
  • I have 
  • expanded my worldview
  • I have become more educated on policy and healthcare
  • I have seen friends and colleagues reach out to support people with a friendly comment
  • We’ve become more connected to extended family
  • My kids have become more engaged in online conversations beyond “social media”
  • And most importantly, I have been encouraged by all these online interactions

So while we might not be able to control where or how we are allowed to move about in the physical world, there are a myriad of opportunities, adventures, and conversations waiting to happen online.

Conversation (whether online or off) is the oldest and most powerful form of communication. It’s a free gift we’ve all been given, so let’s use it. 

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