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Hindsight 2020?

We all love to say Hindsight is 2020…. If I would have just done this or that…

What will be your story when you or others look back to the year 2020. Will you or your organization be known as one who leaned into this crisis with innovation – shifting, and reprioritizing to win or will you be known as one who froze in fear and stood still.   

Every organization (small business, corporation, church, sports team, school, university, non profit, etc.) has a choice to act or not.   

As sales people (and we are ALL selling something) it starts with assessing the markets you are selling into.  

Market intelligence should be the #1 priority for every organization right now.   

No one is exempt from doing market intelligence:

  • If you are a b2b tech salesperson, you must find the resilient emerging markets to meet quota.  
  • If you are a restaurant, you have to rethink your markets and how you serve them.
  • If you are a school, you have to think about markets and offering new products and plans.
  • Even organizations such as a church, must rethink your markets. How will you serve the elderly?

Don’t wait for hindsight. Have the foresight to make the changes/decisions needed to succeed right now.

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