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Using Conversation Trends

Soundboard’s Conversation Trends makes sharing online smarter by using trend data to track popular conversations happening online every day. 

How does this help you grow your online business, you ask? Conversation Trends gives you the power to consistently lead the conversation within your industry or niche market. We give you the data and the articles, and you share trending content that keeps you relevant with your audience. 

Let’s take a closer look at how Conversation Trends can reshape the way you post on social media:

Select from Major Industries 

Soundboard curates nine major categories, each with their own conversation board attached. Let’s use Marketing as an example. 

Once you click Marketing on the Soundboard dashboard, Conversation Trends will generate a report of keyword phrases on the left side of the page. All of these phrases are related to marketing, and can be displayed as a pie chart or line graph. And these phrases can also be broken down into their own graph, to show which news sources are covering this topic. 

To get the most out of Trends, choose the industry that aligns with your business and target market. 

Customize Trends

When a topic is selected, you can adjust the display and range of your trend. You’ll see some icons that look like this:

The default display of Conversation Trends is in a pie chart format. But, by clicking the graph icon, trends can also be displayed in a line graph format to see how the phrase has been used over time.

Speaking of time, Conversion allows for date ranges of the trends as well. That dropdown menu to the right of the icons allows you to select how far back in time you’d like to track the keyword phrases. The options allow you to track from anywhere between one day to a full month!

Popular Phrases 

Soundboard doesn’t just show you random phrases associated with your industry. We track terms being used in articles that day. 

Let’s say that you want to look at the phrase “lead generation” under the Marketing category. If you click the corresponding section on the graph, Soundboard will generate articles that use the keyword phrase! Also, the graph on the left will update to show which news sources are using the term, and how often they use it. 

By atomizing data down to keyword phrases, this allows you to understand what your industry is talking about, and how to capitalize on it by joining in the conversation yourself.

Share with Confidence

With Conversation Trends, you’ll be ready to share data-driven trending content in seconds on any major social media platform. It’s that simple!

Simply put, Soundboard’s Conversation Trends keeps you on the cutting edge of conversation. Click here to get Conversation Trends today!

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