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How Can Sharing Content Grow My Business?

Content is the backbone of your online presence. 

You might be worried about how much impact your content will make, or that you might not grow as fast as you’d like to.

But here at Soundboard, we’ve seen it firsthand: those who post consistently grow significantly more than those who post inconsistently. It is that simple!

It’s like the snowball effect. Pick up a few new followers from this article, a couple more from a video you share. Over time, your numbers grow because you were consistent and posted every day. 

But constantly having to scour the internet for all those articles and videos becomes tiring, not to mention time-consuming. 

That’s where Soundboard can help. We provide the content and what to say with it, and in only minutes you have your daily content out on the platform of your choice. 

In an industry where consistency is the name of the game, Soundboard will help you stay on top of it.


Hey, this is Joe from Soundboard. We get a lot of questions on how can you share or how does sharing content grow my business? How can it grow my business? Sharing content: how do I know it works right; how can it be measured? 

I can first just tell you: after doing this now for almost a decade, right, since social media began working with big big brands, down to small independent gig economy workers (where we’re really focused today), those that I’ve watched who have consistently posted content get discovered. They get discovered, they grow their business. Those that don’t post content and are not consistent don’t grow their business, right? 

It’s really that simple, and so just by example: myself, I know when I’m out there every day posting content. I get discovered more, I get more people connect with me on LinkedIn, I get more phone calls, I get more people at the soccer game say, “man, I love that article you posted, Joe, really cool. You know, hey what do you do? Let’s go have lunch.”

Right? If I don’t post, I don’t get discovered. And so I think it’s that simple, and I think in this world, this noisy, noisy world it is super important, right, to get discovered? It’s super important to post content consistently, so I would just encourage you, you know, obviously Soundboard is 20 bucks per month. It costs very little, and I can almost guarantee you, and you can stop paying us if you don’t like it, that if you post consistently, you will get discovered more. And if you can sell, you will sell more.

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