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Reaching the Pre-Customer

Soundboard for the Pre-Customer

Reach Your Pre-Customer by Sharing Content That’s Relevant to Them … not Your Product

Soundboard is a tool for starting conversations.

For your business to grow, you need to have more conversations. We identify 4 main audience segments that you can go after every day.

  1. Existing customers
  2. Your warm market
  3. Identified prospects
  4. Pre-customers

Think about the kind of people that would be good for your product. Type in that word, grab some cool content. It’ll give you the article. It gives you the video, gives you the image, gives you what the say with the right hashtags – and go put that on these public platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.

You can use Soundboard to reach all of these groups. However, we especially excel at helping your reach the Pre-Customer – those people who have never heard of you or your product.

To do that, you want to think about them, their interests, and share content related to that.

For example, you may share content related to where they live, sports or activities they’re interested in, life-stage topic (ex., moms of newborns), and so on.

You’re way more likely to strike up a conversation with your pre-customer when you talk about what they’re interested in, rather than tossing out your product pitch on Facebook or Twitter.

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