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This Week in Conversation – 11/25/20

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Every week, Soundboard gives you the latest and greatest trends from a few major industries.

How do we know what conversations are trending online? Soundboard’s new AI feature Conversation Trends is how!

Conversation Trends tracks key phrases across thousands of articles to deliver the top trending words for each industry. Understanding the trends means understanding the industry, and the consumers that comprise it.

So let’s dive in to this weeks’ top Conversation Trends:


Top Trends

  1. Online sales
  2. Health care
  3. Real estate

Noteworthy Articles


Top Trends

  1. Machine learning
  2. Supply chain
  3. AI

Noteworthy Articles


Top Trends

  1. Digital marketing
  2. Marketing tech
  3. Customer service

Noteworthy Articles

On the Rise

On the rise Conversation Trends are phrases that aren’t quite massive trends yet, but that have been mentioned a lot within the last 72 hours, and could go on to become trends. This is one way Soundboard keeps you ahead of the conversation!

Top Trends

  1. Small business owners
  2. Online shopping

Noteworthy Articles

Want to see Conversation Trends more in-depth? Sign up for a Soundboard Pro Plan today and get access to trend data, interactive graphs that vary by industry and date range, and relevant articles to go with it all!

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