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Account Based Sales

Sharing useful and relevant content will provide long-term benefits, as you build your personal brand, get more qualified leads, and increase your credibility while demonstrating that you are an expert in your field.

Nurture Target Members

Nurture targeted members of the buying committee by sharing personalized or industry-specific articles and suggested messages to speed up the sales process.
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Encourage Customer Loyalty

Encourage higher customer loyalty by using Soundboard to find and share relevant articles based on the interests of that customer.
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Build Credibility

Through commenting, liking, or sharing content with prospects, salespeople become part of the conversation and boost their own credibility by showing an active interest in what their buyers are posting and talking about.
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Connect Smarter

Most people check out your profile page before accepting an invitation to connect. Gain visibility among your target market by posting qualified content targeted to your prospects. Then request the connection.
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