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Cut through the noise and find the right people.

Engage Candidates

Use Soundboard to share personalized content that speaks to each candidate directly. Share with individual candidates via text, email, messaging, etc to give you a credible face in an otherwise faceless process.
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Follow Up

Easily follow up after a successful call with industry specific content, or just an engaging article from Soundboard.
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Connect Smarter

Most people check out your profile page before accepting an invitation to connect. Gain visibility among your target market by posting qualified content targeted to the position to be filled. Then request the connection.
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Build Credibility

Through commenting, liking, or sharing content, you'll become part of the conversation and boost your credibility by showing an active interest in what their potential candidates are talking about.
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Don't Be Cold

Want to deliver more value? Use Smart mode to analyze a candidate's profile and share a relevant article about their current business or alma mater, etc when you connect.
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