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The New Cold Call – Qualified Conversation

It’s time to put this dated method to rest and start having better business conversations online. Why? Because having more intelligent, attractive conversations leads to more conversions.

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Hindsight 2020?

We all love to say Hindsight is 2020…. If I would have just done this or that… What will be your story when you or others look back to the year 2020. Will you or your organization be known as one who leaned into this crisis with innovation – shifting, and reprioritizing to win or will […]

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Agile Market Assessments are Critical

Attention #salespeople: Don’t wait for normalcy which is not returning. Do your homework and work smarter. Assess #emergingmarkets to target, spend 20 minutes a day in the morning on Soundboard, and be set up for successful conversations all day long. In this video, our CEO, Joe and Chris Ortolano of Sales Stack and Outbound Edge […]

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Wide Open Spaces and Opportunities

I live in the Silicon Delta (Mississippi). Not a very densely populated place and certainly not known as a big tech hub, but it is an ecosystem of fabulous storytellers, delicious food and world famous music. From Faulkner to BB King to a number of award winning chefs, my own “little postage stamp of soil” […]

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Attention Salespeople: Please Stop the “Spray and Pray”

Has your inbox been flooded by cold, spammy messages? Our CEO, Joe shares his thoughts on the unfortunate trend of inundating hundreds of prospects with mass emails in hopes of securing one or two leads. Instead, do your research! Research the industry, the prospect, and whatever else you need to make a significant first impression […]

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Exempt from Lockdown

Are we in lockdown? How long will this last? It depends. In the offline physical world, most people are still facing some version of stay-at-home orders. Politicians are arguing full force on both sides of the issue. Polarization is greater than ever. I believe we can balance turning the economy back on while still maintaining […]

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The Rebound Playbook: How to Use Your Public Posts to Grow Connections on LinkedIn

90 million senior-level influencers and 63 million decision makers use LinkedIn. What’s the most efficient way to connect with a specific industry, vertical or target audience on LinkedIn? Most people you invite to connect are going to check out your profile and what you post to see if you are credible and if you know […]

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The Rebound Playbook for SDRs: How to Warm up Cold Leads on LinkedIn

SDRs and Sales reps: How do you actually break through and stand out among the tens, if not thousands, of cold messages that are clogging up your prospect’s inbox? SDRs and sales reps face two big challenges when prospecting on LinkedIn:  SDRs or Sales Reps must be credible – 77% of buyers don’t believe sales […]

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We’re All on the Front Lines in this War. Conversation is Our Best Weapon.

You hear it every day. The arguments from the healthcare perspective followed by the arguments from an economic perspective.  When will we turn the economy back on? Will we be able to shake hands again? The health of our citizens and the economy both matter and there is no easy answer to all our questions. […]

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